Increase engagement and get viewers involved in your web page! Incorporate Interactive Video Now!

Getting potential clients to stay longer on your pages increases the chance of them performing the task you wished them to visit your page for – purchase goods or services, complete an opt-in form, etc. There are many techniques available to peak interest and entice page viewers to linger. Facebook makes use of one such method, often referred to as “Sticky” video. For example, if you start viewing a video on your Facebook timeline then scroll the page before the video ends, the video will re-position itself to the left hand side of your screen and continue playing while you navigate up and down your timeline.

It is now possible to incorporate a similar on your own web site or blog pages. You can see an example on this post. A sample video about a new Rolls Royce is viewable above this text. However,  if you scroll down the page, a banner will appear at the top of the page which includes a smaller version of the video along with a Call To Action. The Call To Action can be a link, a “Buy Now” button or such, or an E-mail sign-up form. The banner may also include a count-down or “scarcity” timer to help induce viewers to make a purchase or follow the Call To Action.

Currently, the E-mail sign-up is very limited in the Mailing List clients it is compatible with but we trust this will be expanding soon. (Currently supports Send Lane and Get Response).

Call us today if you would like to add this feature to one of your web pages – (772) 257-0123.

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